Why choose Omega Sensei Japanese Language School?

It's a great opportunity to experience life in another country at a fraction of the cost you would pay at other Japanese language schools in Japan. And most importantly, unlike the majority of language schools, our lessons are actually fun and don't put you to sleep. 


About our school

Omega Sensei Japanese Language School and 英会話 is the newest, most fun, and fastest growing Japanese language school in Japan. Our lessons and accommodations are the best and the most affordable in Fukuoka (福岡市). We have several events every month and they are always packed with fun and entertainment, attracting more and more students to join the school. It's a great place for making new, lifelong friends and gaining skills to use for your future goals.

Omega Sensei Japanese Language School and 英会話 is a language school in Fukuoka (福岡市) that offers interactive Japanese classes. Lessons are taught primarily focusing on communicative Japanese not just on reading and writing. Since our school is located in the heart of Fukuoka City, it is very convenient for getting around and enjoying your time outside of the classroom. Our school also offers internships and job opportunities for those who are interested. These positions are limited.


Teaching Internship

Do you have aspirations to become a teacher or simply want experience teaching? Selected students will go through a proper training course on how to teach students whose main language isn't English. After the training process, you will also have the opportunity to facilitate classes on your own.



Never studied Japanese? No problem! We have a great beginner course to get you started communicating in no time.

And for those who are more experienced, we also have intermediate and advanced courses.

Our teachers are very patient and skilled, so no need to worry!



Classroom education is important but what's even more important is to practice what you have learned in real-life situations.

Our school will hold several international events every month which includes BBQs, social mixers, karaoke, comedy nights, and much more! More opportunities to utilize your skills and meet new friends.

Thank you for visiting the Omega Sensei website! Please send us a message to learn more.

Thank you for visiting the Omega Sensei website! Please contact us to learn more.