At Omega Sensei Japanese Language School, you will be given a plethora of opportunities to enjoy your experience in Japan. Our school focuses on providing a balance between studying and socializing while other language schools are structured in a way that promotes staying home and studying all night. We encourage you to get out and take advantage of these events so you can utilize your newly gained knowledge from class in actual real-life situations.

Have fun, meet new friends, attend traditional festivals, learn about different cultures, and practice your language skills!

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International Language and Cultural Exchange

Soulmates is an international language and cultural event held once a month. It's a great opportunity to meet and interact not only with Japanese people, but also people from various countries. Don't feel comfortable meeting new people? No problem! During this event, there are many games and activities to break the ice, creating a very comfortable and fun environment. Every event has a different theme which is planned by a team of professional organizers. So get ready to have fun, meet new friends, and improve your language and cultural skills.

Activities and Local events

In addition to Soulmates, the school also has many other fun-filled events:

  • Beach parties
  • BBQs
  • Sports and games at parks
  • Karaoke
  • Watching fireworks
  • Attending traditional festivals
  • Masquerade and costume parties
  • Hanami (Cherry Blossoms)